Amy Winehouse lookalike

Our Amy lookalike is a true fan. She nurtured her teen affection to Amy's jazzy vocals into full stage tribute act: authentic soulful voice, retro outlooks and mannerisms are seemlessly done by her. This artist is pleasant to watch and hear in every context. And if you are really into vintage she can also do 50’s & 60’s hits covers like Be My Baby and Hit the Road Jack.

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Birthday & also perfect for their wedding anniversary

Birthday & also perfect as such an unusual way to share your love confession once again or asking for forgiveness

Birthday & also perfect for pep talks & jokes. The most suitable prank artists are available right here!

Any other occasion we could not think of. Perfect for very special and important events

For $156 $120 USD

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Reviewed by Sam on Jul 20th, 2021

I was picky at first then I've lost it do singing and dancing, please come back to Wembley!

Reviewed by Marc on Jul 13th, 2021

You totally nailed it, my girlfriend talks a lot about your video and i am already afraid how to compete with it next year

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