Kim Jong Un lookalike

Kim Jong Un is the most famous dictator of the 21st century. He is unpredictable and frightening. Who knows what he will do next? Declare a war on your friends? Make a death threat against your enemies? Or even worse: propose to your beloved one and wish you a happy birthday after! He gives everyone a sense of fear of the unknown, even through a video message. And with his uncanny resemblance to Kim - all the video messages will, without a question, look convincing. Why? Because all his videos are professionally shot in a studio to make all pranks disturbingly authentic.

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Birthday & also perfect for their wedding anniversary

Birthday & also perfect as such an unusual way to share your love confession once again or asking for forgiveness

Birthday & also perfect for pep talks & jokes. The most suitable prank artists are available right here!

Any other occasion we could not think of. Perfect for very special and important events

For $324 $249 USD

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Reviewed by Kasu on Jun 3rd, 2021

Thank you so much. Kim brought tremendous joy to my burnt out life in office and no doubt, chills to my boss.

Reviewed by onique on Jun 6th, 2021

Our office is now a true dictatorship. Hillarious project end congratulation, thank you very much

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